Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just for fun

I’m ‘stealing’ todays post idea from the fabulous Lena! Cause I’m hoping that some of her fabulousness will rub off on me. Also cause I really don’t feel like doing any real work today. Be honest, do you?

Okay, so with a month to go before Halloween my girlfriends and I have been discussing our outfits. So I thought these Buzzfeed quizzes might just help you decide what you can dress up as for Halloween this year.
ake the test & post your results in the comments.

O you want to hear what my answers was, well okay, I’ll do the test.

My 80s costume: Rainbow Brite
My 90s costume: Winifred Sanderson
And of Himself were to dress up as a couple we would dress up as: Remus Lupin & Nymhadora Tonks – say what???

Okay, your turn:




  1. This is awesome! I spend way too much time doing Buzzfeed quizzes. Haha!

    I got Rainbow Brite too, Wednesday Addams for the 90s, and Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay. Lesbians. LOL!

  2. Your husband as Professor Lupin would never work, but you could TOTALLY pull off the Tonks look. You change your hair about as often as she changes hers. ;)